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Beloved Refuge Edit

An ancient town in Entei whose image has changed frequently throughout history. Its earliest role in ancient society was as a ritual site only used in desperate times. Druids would gather here to perform rituals closer to the heavens and the volcano, where it was believed these rituals would have more effect. A number of standing stones from the time can be seen today.

When Entei was under Imperial rule sometime later, the druids of the time took refuge in this town to avoid persecution for their belligerent attitude toward Imperial customs. Being strategically unimportant the Empire took little notice of the town, giving the druids time to form a strategy. In a turning point for Entei's culture, the druids persuaded the remaining chieftains that only a large and unified Clan could defend itself against the large and unified Empire, and that the wise and itinerant druids could make just rulers. It was some years though until their ideas could come to fruition, and in this time Entei was only worshipped openly in the areas north of the Great River, with Beloved Refuge as the de facto capital. When the Empire did come into hard times and begin to recede, the druids launched their appeal to those living under Imperial rule, encouraging civil disobedience and unrest. The result was a series of pogroms and rebellions where a huge number of ethnic Imperials fled or were killed, and the druids secured their place as the rulers of the northwest Ashlands right up to the present day.

In the times of Clan Strife the town stagnated somewhat. Being so far away from any conflict, and with its history as a holy place of refuge, the town became revered as a precious place alongside the capital, to be defended to the last if necessary. Those who travelled there, however, saw a receding and impoverished place that struggled to conserve old places and sites. The resources that would earlier have gone into conservation were simply too important for the war effort.

The town's role has changed suddenly in recent years with the opening of the northern Emeralis Pass. What was a holy site thought to be at the end of the world is now a major rest point for travel between Emeralis, Entei and the Forbidden City. Travellers, traders and sightseers alike tour the ancient finds during their stay, and this has only bolstered Entei's own interest in their history. But equally these travellers create a demand for markets and accommodation which slowly encroach on once-sacred lands, and conservationists often bemoan the frequent traffic and noise the town has seen in recent years.

Market on the River Edit

This town has maintained its status as a market town for many years, and today is Entei's second largest city. Goods and people travelled quickly down the river from Beloved Refuge and the (now-abandoned) villages around the northern lake, giving the town gravity as a place to refine these goods or trade them further south.

In Imperial times the town was the Empire's northernmost town, and was heavily fortified against retaliation from attack across the river. A number of forts and posts were built along the river's southern bank in this area to stop enemies from landing further west or east, and being cut off from contact from the north, it lost its central location for trade. During the Empire's fall, Imperial soldiers were pulled back to keep order further south, and the garrison lost some of its watchfulness. Over time attacks from the river, aided by the local populace, saw the town under Entei rule again.